Cost of Medicare

Medicare is one of the most important health insurance programs available to the elderly, with millions of Americans getting essential healthcare coverage through the United States government. However, it is important to know that Medicare is not free, and the cost of Medicare is usually surprising to most people that are not familiar with the healthcare program.

Understanding how much Medicare costs are essentially important to working out the right plan that fits your medical needs and personal budget. Let’s take a closer look at a breakdown of what you are expected to pay for each part of Medicare.

Medicare Cost for Part A (Hospital coverage)

The cost for this part of Medicare for most beneficiaries is usually zero. If you or your spouse have worked for over ten years or 40 quarters in the United States, then you have already paid for Medicare Part A through the Medicare payroll taxes.

In contrast, if you don’t meet the quarters, you’ll have to pay about $499 per month. If you have more than 30 quarters of work experience but less than 40 quarters, you can get a monthly premium of $274.

Medicare Cost for Part B (Medical coverage)

In contrast to Medicare Part A, every Medicare beneficiary pays a monthly premium for medical coverage under Part B plan. The average cost for Part B in 2022 is $170.10 per month. 

Part B premium is also based on the income of the beneficiary. Similar to Medicare Part A, deductibles change yearly and also depend on your location. Fortunately, you’ll only pay 20 percent for your Part B once you meet your deductible.

Medicare Cost for Part C

The average cost for a Medicare Part C plan is $19. More than half of the people who enroll in a Part C plan with prescription drug benefits will end up paying nothing. The actual costs for Medicare Part C depend on the Part C plan and the private health insurance provider you select.

Medicare Cost for Part D

Similar to Medicare Part B, the cost for your Medicare Part D depends on your income. In addition, the Medicare cost for Part D also varies by plan. In 2022, the average monthly premium cost for Part D is $33. Beneficiaries with higher income will also pay more for their Part D coverage.

Pulling It All Together

If you find the cost of Medicare a little confusing, don’t worry. Our Medicare experts can help you determine what your Medicare costs will be. Contact us today; a licensed insurance agent will assist you.

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