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At Great Nation Insurance, we take your coverage and budget needs into consideration when finding you an insurance policy. That’s we offer additional services to ensure you are aware of all your available options.

Dental, Vision, & Hearing

While dental, vision, and hearing coverage can be provided through a Medicare Advantage Plan, there are other ways to obtain this coverage.

With dental insurance, you can receive coverage for routine cleanings, cavity fillings, root canals, crowns, oral surgeries, and preventive care. Other dental policies might even cover dentures and bridges. Each dental plan is different, but by purchasing dental insurance, you can ensure your oral hygiene will be taken care of and paid for.

With vision insurance, your routine eye exams, glasses, or contact lenses can be covered. With a more comprehensive vision plan, the costs for surgeries, treatments for diseases, and permanent vision impairment can be covered as well.

Purchasing a policy with hearing coverage is a great option for those who need coverage for hearing exams, screenings, and tests. While not all policies cover hearing aids, Great Nation Insurance can help find you a policy that does provide coverage.

Hospital Indemnity

Hospital indemnity insurance is a policy that pays for the costs when you are admitted into the hospital. Keep in mind that this policy is not meant to replace your already existing healthcare coverage; it’s more of a supplemental plan that will pay for the costs your primary insurance does not cover.

Some hospital indemnity plans provide:

  • Fixed benefits for overnight stays in a hospital
  • Fixed benefits for each night stayed in ICU
  • Fixed benefits for a hospital admission

Other plans may cover benefits for treatments in emergency rooms or outpatient procedures.

Every plan is different, but an agent with Great Nation Insurance can help you compare coverage.


Cancer diagnoses and treatments can cost tens of thousands of dollars and even more. Without the proper coverage, these expenses will come straight from your pocket. While cancer insurance may not be suitable as a standalone plan, it can certainly be used as a form of supplement insurance to cover the costs that your primary healthcare plan may not cover.

The two types of cancer insurance include a traditional policy and a lump-sum cash benefit policy. The traditional policy can be broken down into two sections:

  • Expense-incurred plan: This plan pays out a percentage for covered treatments up to the policy’s limits.
  • Indemnity policy: This policy pays out a specified amount for each benefit or covered item.


Each of these two policies can cover treatments, procedures, tests, hospital stays, copayments, deductibles, travel costs, doctor visits, chemo, prescriptions, and other costs.

A lump-sum plan is where you’ll receive a specific fixed amount of money if you’re diagnosed with cancer. The cash amount can be anywhere from $5,000 up to $200,000. However, the higher the amount, the higher the premium. Unless stated otherwise by the policy, you can use the cash amount for anything you want.

To purchase a cancer insurance policy, you must do so before you are diagnosed. However, to determine if you may need this policy, look at your family’s medical history and your own. If your family has a history of cancer, or if you are concerned you will get cancer in the future, then a cancer insurance policy is something to consider. An agent with Great Nation Insurance can help find you a policy that will fit your needs and budget.

Final Expense

Final expense insurance is a kind of permanent life insurance meant to cover medical bills and funeral costs when you pass away. A final expense policy is also called funeral or burial insurance, and it’s popular among seniors.

Most final expense plans are affordable and have an easy application process. In addition, most have the following features:

  • Cash value
  • Fast approvals
  • Fixed premiums
  • Typically no medical exam required
  • No expiration as long as you pay your premiums

Depending on the insurance company, your policy may also have child riders, accidental death, or support benefits for surviving family members. Not all final expense policies are the same, so be sure to read the policy’s benefits thoroughly.

The average final expense plan costs between $30-$70 per month and depends on your sex, age, health, coverage amount, and the company you choose. The payout can range from $2,000 to around $35,000.  

Losing a loved one is hard. Make it easier on your family with an insurance policy. Your beneficiary can use the death benefit to make mortgage payments, pay off credit card debt, and handle funeral costs.

The most affordable plan with one company may not be the most affordable plan with another. To figure out which policy is best for you, speak with a licensed broker at Great Nation Insurance. We can give you a FREE final expense quote that meets your needs.

Term Life

A term life insurance policy provides coverage for a specific amount of time. This policy is meant to provide a payout, also known as a death benefit, to your beneficiaries if you were to die within the policy’s given term. The most common terms that are chosen are 10, 20, or 30 years.

If you are unsure if a term life policy is meant for you, reach out to Great Nation Insurance. We can help you compare policies and provide you with the knowledge to make a well-informed decision.

Auto & Home

If you own your home and have a car, you can insure them both and even bundle the policies. By bundling these policies, you can increase your savings, increase your security, and have less hassle managing the policies. For more information on finding home and auto insurance or bundling these policies, reach out to Great Nation Insurance.

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